Write for Us – Guest Posts

Write for Us – Guest Posts

Guest posting is used by bloggers to increase site traffic.

How does it work for my site the write for us option?

  1. You write an article to appear on another blogger`s site.
  2. Another blogger writes a guest post to appear on your blog.

Submit your guest post for us.

Verway Athens was founded in March of 2018. The central idea of this site is to provide you with articles on health, nutrition, beauty, various medical studies, alternative cures, cooking recipes and quotes in relation to motivation. We hope you find interesting articles that will interest you.

Find guest posts targets.

Where do I find websites that accept guest posts?

The first step is to find a site to guest post on.

Here’s a list of search strings that I personally use to find guest posting opportunities:

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
  • Your Keyword “write for us”
  • Keyword “guest article”
  • Keyword “become an author”

General information and rules.

Your article will be accepted on our site if your content is original which has not been published elsewhere. If you have written some parts of your article from another author that has been posted to another site, please let us know or enter the source of the article. In any case, we have employees who check the uniqueness of your articles before publishing them.

Write for us – Guest post guidelines.

Please, read carefully what you need to do to accept your guest post.

Communication via email ([email protected]) with the subject “guest post”

We accept regular texts inside the email, or you can send us an attachment with .txt extension.

The regular price for a guest post is $25. We have a limited time offer for 2 guest posts for $40.

If we find out your guest post has been published in another site we will not publish it. Plagiarism not accepted. We have professional tools to detect if your article is unique.

It is better for you to send us an author bio from 30-40 words including your website, or your social accounts links. Send us your personal photo so that our readers know who the creator of the guest post is. The mini-bio section will be placed in your article that we will be publishing.

Before publishing your guest posts, we will check if they meet the requirements and high-quality standards. We always want to share interesting and original texts.

If your article includes official sources such as studies, surveys, etc., it would be useful to include the referral link so that our readers know the official source. We do not accept many and repeated keywords in combination with anchor text or HTML code. If you want to place keywords or backlinks in your content, you can do so in the bio link field. You can also place an anchor text.

The specification for all the words included in your article is between 800-1200.

Your texts should be relevant to the categories of our website. These categories are Health, beauty, nutrition, medical articles, recipes, and inspirational quotes.

We are open to listening to you if you have any good ideas for something which is not included in our site.

Other Basic Rules.

Don’t forget to include 1 or 2 photos to your post. (Images must be shared via online service like Dropbox, Flickr and include the link. We accept the uploaded links of your pics. We don`t upload pics. Photographs should not have any usage rights to use to publish them. Alternatively, you can search for that type of photography on a variety of search engines. In Google Chrome, you have to go [images/usage rights/labeled for reuse with modification]. These pics can be used by anyone because they have no user rights. Dimensions for the photos should be 1200 X 628.

We don’t publish poems, articles like porn or violence.

Texts submitted in PDF or HTML code not accepted.

Google docs, text files, or direct text inside your email accepted.

Make sure to understand all of our guidelines before submitting your post.

CONTACT: [email protected]