About us

About us

Web Marketing.

Hello, friends of web marketing. This website was created on 16 March 2018. This site has articles on health, beauty, and general medical advice.

Few words about the publisher.

He has been working with the web marketing for the past 7 years with success. It’s an area he likes enough. So he made the decision to make his own page. At first, he was looking for what he would deal with. Quickly, he realized that in order to be successful his blog should contain something he loves a lot. This is his love for organic products, nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyle, beauty, wellness, etc. So he started and built this website with a lot of love.

His experience in web marketing.

His experience in web marketing and internet affiliate marketing is quite large. He has worked as a freelancer in the largest companies in the world. I mention the American company and CPA Platform Clickbank, which is well known to those who have been professionally engaged in online sales. He also has experience in the field of digital advertising.

Advertising campaigns.

He knows how to create successful advertising campaigns on all media such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. Another thing he loves is SEO. Initially, they mean Search Engine Optimization and it is about improving the position of any website in the ranking of organic searches on the world’s largest search engines. This way, it can send multiple customers to buy products from any e-shop and of course, lead any page to Google’s top positions (with no cost for advertising purposes!)

Websites and blogs that have been designed and managed.

There are several pages and several web marketing, advertising campaigns that oversee and are responsible for them. A good website that is also SEO optimized is Motivirus (Ideal page with quotes and self-motivation with very good articles and professional design).

Google Adsense consultant.

Improve your CTR (Click-through rate) He is also an ad consultant for the Google Adsense. He studies your website and advises you in which specific locations your ads should appear so that your users can click more.

Write about us option.

We support writers who have relevant experience with the articles you are hosting on this site. If you have a hobby in content writing or if you have your own blog and are relatively new you can write articles for us so that you can improve your site’s ranking in Google rankings. For more information go to the page write for us.

Contact the founder and main author.

Email : [email protected]