22 Cooking Tips at Home

22 Cooking Tips at Home

Cooking tips at home. If you want to make a difference to your guests, read carefully the following reasons. Sometimes we forget a lot because we do not have the time needed to cook. So we need to figure out in advance some extra time to do the actions that will make the difference. Our tips are about cooking in the oven, on the grill, Barbecue, or in the pan. Below you will read in detail these cooking tips at home of all time.

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#Tip no1 Barbecue Preparation

If you are planning to bake in a small barbecue, make sure you have the grill cleaned beforehand. There should be no burnt fats and ashes from previous baking. Just before we start to bake, place olive oil on the grill and burn it well before putting it on. Remove meat, poultry, vegetables, or fish from the refrigerator at least one hour before baking.

#Tip no2 Charcoal with Nice Smell

Give a fragrant air when baking. Wrap in aluminum foil twigs, or thyme, or rosemary and with a fork open 3-4 holes and put on fire. This way the roasts will be distinctively flavored. Also, the air from the roasting will smell nice.

#Tip no3 Freedom of Movement

Cooking needs freedom of movement. We adjust the cooking area and remove the utensils we do not need. We also clean the utensils we no longer need.

#Tip no4 Marinade and Stand Out

Marinade the meat to give it a special taste. Prepare the marinade from the day before in a large bowl. Add wine or olive oil and sprinkle aromatic herbs and spices such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, pepper, and salt. Put the meat in the marinade and leave it in the fridge to absorb all the ingredients until the next day.

#Tip no5 Oven Soft Potatoes

Often baked potatoes are dried and lose their flavor. It is simple! Add half a glass of water or more depending on the quantity and size of the pan. So the potatoes boil and become soft.

#Tip no6 Quality Knives

It is important that the knives have a firm blade. Good quality knives consist of a piece of metal that has been forged to take shape. And it extends from the blade to the handle of the knife. It is important that the blade is made of stainless steel to keep it longer and not discolor or tan in cooking.

#Tip no7 Turning the Meat Over to Bake

It is preferable to use a forceps or a smooth tool to turn the meat over during baking. Sharp forks can puncture the roasted meat crust, releasing the broth, leaving the meat dry. It is advisable to turn the meat over regularly to cook it evenly.

#Tip no8 Flour on the Baking Sheet

To lightly bake the pans, use a glass container with a plastic lid as the salt container. First, coat the margarine pans and sprinkle with flour. Whisk them to leave the flour.

#Tip no9 Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables are healthy and delicious at the same time. Ideally accompanying grilled meat dishes and used as a garnish. To grill and not burn on the outside, bake them in the microwave for 2 minutes. Spread with margarine and grill in the oven until soft. We only turn them once.

#Tip no10 Grains of Pepper vs Grated Pepper

Grated pepper loses its taste and aroma after a while. That’s why we buy whole peppercorns. At the market, we find beans at an affordable price so we have fresh and fragrant pepper at the table at all times.

#Tip no11 Glassware in the Oven

When using glass and refractory utensils when baking, the oven temperature should be lower than what our recipe says, because glass carries the temperature better than metal.

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#Tip no12 For Proper Boiling

The tools we use to mix pasta are wood or plastic. The reason is that metals have the ability to lower the boiling temperature. If water is to be added during boiling then boil the water first and then pour it into the pot. We avoid pouring cold water because it cuts the boiling and especially if boiling meat it hardens.

#Tip no13 Egg Bowl Cleaning

Hot water is used to clean the bowls in which the eggs are mixed. The water should not be too hot. Very hot water makes it difficult to clean. For dishwashing use vinegar and detergent. Vinegar has the effect of eliminating the strong smell of egg.

#Tip no14 Vinegar with Nice Smell

Easy way to produce aromatic vinegar. In a glass bottle put 1.10 pounds of vinegar and a few sprigs of rosemary, garlic, oregano, black or red peppercorns or other aromatic herbs of our choice. Close the bottle well and leave the herbs for a month to allow the vinegar to absorb.

#Tip no15 Cooked Greens

If we want to heat the cooked greens again, put them in a strainer. Place this on an open pot of boiling water. The mouthpiece of the strainer should be slightly larger than the pot to leave it on the pan. Steam will warm the grass easily and healthy.

#Tip no16 Right Pasta Boiling

In order not to muddy the pasta, first wait for the water to boil in which we have poured a few drops of olive oil. Then pour the pasta into the pan and mix as soon as the water boils again.

#Tip no17 Spinach

Because spinach extracts a lot of liquid when cooked, we add a little rice or little breadcrumbs to absorb the liquid.

#Tip no18 Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits should be cut shortly before eating. This is how they retain their vitamins and other nutrients. To keep the green vegetables intense, dip them in ice water for a minute after boiling them beforehand.

#Tip no19 Fish and Seafood

When boiling fish or seafood we can hold their broth and use it later. With this broth, we make soup or use it for accompanying food in a sauce or boiling rice or pasta.

#Tip no20 Potatoes

We make sure to boil the potatoes with their peel so that their vitamins are not lost. This means they need very good washing. In order not to peel the peeled potatoes, put them in salted water until cooked.

#Tip no21 Fennel

Apart from tonic and antiseptic it also has cosmetic properties. Fennel is used in artichokes, octopus, herb pies and raw salads for exquisite aroma. Olives, pickles, and vinegar are also flavored. Fennel seed is added to bread and garnish.

#Tip no22 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are easier to peel when boiling them with hot water.


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