Chipotle History And Health Benefits

Chipotle History And Health Benefits

All You Need To Know About Chipotle

Chipotle history and health benefits. Chipotle peppers are so widely used today that you will surely have used it at least once in your life. Today, chilies are no longer used only for their heat. They are being accredited for their fantastic flavors – be it chocolaty, earthy, or smoky.

Chipotle History And Health Benefits

Chipotle in Australia is no different, either. It is possible to ground these chilies and use them in a wide variety of ways. But before that, here are some notable facts about the chipotle.

The Start As Jalapenos

Before diving into the history of Chipotle chili, take a look at the Jalapenos because they form the origins of your favorite chipotle mix. Jalapenos are medium heat, medium-sized chili pepper that originates in Mexico. These chilies turn into a shade of deep crimson when they are fully ripe. Nevertheless, they are often picked when they are green. These chilies were quite abundant when the people of Xalapa started consuming them. They were so plentiful that people found it hard to finish their consumption before they began to go bad. Also, it was convenient for people to save some stock for the next year, should they not have enough produce. So, they needed a way to preserve their chilies for a longer time. Then came the idea of smoking the chilies.

Why Smoke A Chilli?

The Aztecs in the region of Mexico smoked meat for preserving and they needed the same with their chilies. Jalapeno chilies have thick walls that are quite difficult to dry. Hence, they take over three weeks to dry and may also begin to rot during the process. This, in comparison to common chili peppers, is substantially longer. The Aztecs then realized that jalapenos could be efficiently and quickly preserved if they are smoked over a fire. This smoking not only helped in preserving chilies but also added a unique flavor. This act of smoking is what converts a Jalapeno into Chipotle chili.

Chipotle Chilies

Chipotle chilies are therefore classified into two types based on the process and the time for which they are smoked. They are called the Chipotle Moritas and Chipotle Mecos. Large, enclosed smoking chambers smoke the Jalapenos to deliver you the smokiest of the flavors. These chilies are spread out on grills or metal racks so that they receive the most smoke. A firebox houses the wood, and then the smoke is made to enter the smoking chamber. The chilies are stirred every few hours to ensure a great mix of smoke and Jalapeno chilies. Depending on the chili type, this process may take anywhere between several days to a whole week for completion.

Flavour Profile

The heat levels in the ground chipotle are considered to be medium. It often ranges between 3000 to 10,000 on the Scoville scale. The flavor profile of chipotle in intense and complex. It is rich, tangy, earthy, and smoky. It is a characteristic flavor that you will not find in any other spice. Chipotles also add a certain depth and color when you finish cooking your recipe. They are not merely meant for Mexican and Latin American dishes. The ground version can be sprinkled on cooked or raw dishes to make them more flavourful. Because of its complex notes, chipotle makes a great addition to desserts as well.

Health Benefits of Chipotle

The peppers used in making ground chipotle contain capsaicin, which is known for providing many health benefits. Did you know that a tablespoon of chipotle powder has about three grams of fiber and 24 calories? These dried chili peppers are also rich in minerals and vitamin A, Vitamin B6, riboflavin, potassium, and iron. Amazing. Right? The good news doesn’t end here. Chipotle powder is also attributed to preventing certain types of cancer! It also helps to reduce blood pressure, boost metabolism, aid in weight loss, manage diabetes, and aid digestion. Chipotle powder is your best defense against intestinal diseases and distress. It also helps to clear up various respiratory conditions, reduce cholesterol, and revitalize your immune system. Now, with so many good things, you just can’t refuse this spice in your kitchen cabinet!

Common Uses of Ground Chipotle

Quite naturally, Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes rely heavily on ground chipotle for lending its earthy flavor and the mild spiciness. It is a key ingredient in traditional Mexican dishes like stews, soups, adobo, and sauces. You can also use chipotle in Australia for salsa and barbeque sauces. Did you know that many commercial hot sauces taste so great because they use the rich and spicy heat of chipotle? Well, you can now enjoy this deliciousness right at home! You can even add this sensational spice to tacos, chilies, and quesadillas. Chipotle’s smoky heat will fire up a batch of hummus, a creamy dip, a slice of pizza or a mug of hot cocoa. Ground chipotle is a versatile and venerable spice that is a must for your spice arsenal. Their depth and a flavourful kick are something you will want in every dish. So, have you bought it already?


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