Find out your health condition from fingernails

Find out your health condition from fingernails

Fingernails and Health

Find out your health condition from fingernails. There are a lot of ways that your body can send you signals whether you’re healthy or not. For example, if you’re not sleeping well there are a lot of reasons for that. It might be that you have unhealthy screen time and your brain isn’t able to shut off. Maybe you’re drinking too much caffeine, particularly when it’s close to bedtime. Or you might be eating food that’s rumbling around in your stomach long after you should be sleeping.

Nail Health Condition

There are other physical cues, too, that can give you an idea of how healthy you are. Take your nails. Changes in your nail health may indicate a range of issues that you need to attend to. For example, do your nails look to be particularly dull? It might be that you’re lacking in some vitamins, particularly vitamin B.

You might be tempted to ignore white spots on your nails, too. But don’t: Those spots might be an indication of everything from allergies to another more serious issue. The same goes for indentations on nails. It could be you are lacking calcium, but it also might be a note that you’re suffering from something like diabetes. Even ridges, which you might just assume are a common thing that happens to all nails, can indicate trauma or other sorts of disease or ailments.

Symptoms with Graphics

What else are your nails trying to tell you? This graphic goes into greater detail on symptoms you should pay attention to and what you might be able to do to combat poor nail health and poor health in general. The table below is very informative and provides detailed information to find out your health condition from fingernails.

Find out your health condition from fingernails

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