basic benefits of contact lenses vs eyeglasses

basic benefits of contact lenses vs eyeglasses

Basic benefits of contact lenses vs eyeglasses. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are both widely used for vision correction, what is better? Well, it depends on what you prefer and what you like best. Both of these, contact lenses and eyeglasses, are chosen by people on the basis of lifestyle, fashion and what is more comfortable for use. Of course, you have to keep your budget in mind. Before you decide which to choose, you must understand that none of the two have any superiority on the other. Both have their own benefits, some are shared while some are unique to both. Eyeglasses have certain benefits over contact lenses and similarly, contact lenses have certain benefits over eyeglasses. But before we indulge ourselves in the benefits of each device we must know a little bit about the two. Read below the basic benefits of contact lenses vs eyeglasses.

Classic Glasses

There are mainly two types of eyeglasses. Single vision glasses are usually used for correcting long-sightedness and sometimes they are also used for nearsightedness, and multifocal glasses are used to correct both long-sightedness and nearsightedness.

Multifocal Lenses Come In Various Forms:

  • Bifocals have a glass divided into two portions, the upper half for long-distance
    vision while the lower for near vision problems.
  • Trifocals the glasses are divided into three portions. Like the bifocals, the upper is for
    the far distance while the lower is for near vision problems, but there is a middle part for
    middle view.
  • Progressive lenses do not have division lines and they are both bifocals and
    trifocals. You get a smooth transition in these glasses.

There are two types available in eyeglasses. They were first made only of glass but now you will also find plastic made eyeglasses. In any case, listen to the expert’s advice. This is basically a healthy living issue.

Eye Contacts

Contact lenses are thin round and curved devices that sit directly on the surface of your eye to correct your vision. You will find two types of eye contacts namely, the soft eye contacts and the hard eye contacts which are also known as Rigid Gas Permeable contacts (RGP). Soft contacts are more popular, especially in daily disposable contacts, they hold more water and they are more comfortable to wear. There are other types of contact lenses with regard to their expiration date.

  1. Daily wear lenses: These lenses are worn daily and require proper maintenance and care. They must be washed with a solution and taken off at night.
  2. Daily disposables: these lenses are worn once a day and then they must be disposed of. Every day you use a fresh new pair. Great for Halloween costumes and for those who find it hard to care for their contact lenses daily.
  3. Extended-wear lenses: these lenses can be worn for months and you can sleep with them. You only need to take them off once a week to clean them. Still, they require proper maintenance and care where you need to clean them with a disinfectant solution.

Hard contacts may be less comfortable but they are more durable and will not tear apart easily. They offer easy maintenance and they are really good for people with allergies and astigmatism.

Advantages Of Eye Contacts And Eyeglasses

While these two devices differ from each other in more than one way, but they offer great advantages which are perfectly unique to them. Where one might lack the other may provide the advantage you are looking for. Anyways, here are some advantages of both of them.

Contact Lenses Advantages

  • Contact lenses are designed to fit on the curvature of your eye, the pupil, this provides you with the complete range of view with these contacts. Your view does not distort and there is no obstruction.
  • Nowadays contact lenses are made even for athletes so you can play intense sports without worrying about your contacts getting in your way.
  • Contact lenses offer no problem with what you are wearing or what you will wear.
  • Your contacts will not be affected by the extremity of the weather like glasses getting fogged up in winters. Just in extremely dry weather, you would need to keep them wet with the drops.
  • Contact lenses also offer you to change your appearance naturally or have a completely different look with colored contacts and Halloween contact lenses. They offer great options for special occasions!
  • Some contacts are designed such that you can wear them overnight while sleeping (extended contact lenses). These lenses, some of them, reshape your cornea so that it temporarily corrects myopia. This allows you to see without glasses or contacts in the morning when you wake up.

Eyeglasses Advantages

  • Unlike contact lenses, with glasses, you do not need to touch your eyes to place contacts for vision correction. You avoid chances of getting eye infections.
  • Glasses will not hurt dry or sensitive eyes as contact lenses might do, you just wear them in front of your eyes and not worry about anything.
  • Eyeglasses are cheaper than eye contacts in the longer run, sometimes the buying price is also cheaper. This is because the glasses remain for a longer time without having the need to be replaced. Most of the eye contacts only remain for a few months and then need replacing, given that you have cared properly for them. But with glasses, with proper care, can work for years.
  • Glasses allow for a different fashion statement and lifestyle. You can make a bold statement with glasses around. There are different shades and glasses available which will reflect your mood and your outfit.
  • Glasses offer guard against weather hazards such as strong wind and debris flying. With contact lenses, you would be required to protect them from debris and wash them with a solution in case some particles stick onto it.

These are some basic benefits of contact lenses vs eyeglasses, you can choose what suits your mood and lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is fun when it comes to choosing any of the two. Both provide a different vibe and in the end, it is up to you to choose. You might feel comfortable with contact lenses or maybe the glamour provided by eyeglasses appeals to you more.