4 Best Alternative Cancer Treatments

4 Best Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative and complementary therapies for cancer.

4 best alternative cancer treatments called alternatives or supplementary or somewhat differently. All names refer to treatments that differ from the classic medical approach to cancer treatment. Many people interested in and related to such treatments. Also, 83% of cancer patients in a study reported having used at least one of the 4 best alternative cancer treatments. Τhey did a special diet, vitamin supplements or spiritual meditation exercises like Yoga.

Is there an alternative treatment for cancer?

Until now, none of the 4 best alternative cancer treatments has been shown to cure or reduce cancer. Some unacceptable extracts and pills may even prove dangerous. For example, high doses of vitamin or other antioxidants may antagonize the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, treatments that focus on the interaction of mind and body can be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. Thus, the senses of self-control are recovered, which in turn reduces the side-effects of anti-cancer therapies. They can also enhance wellness, making cancer treatments more tolerable.

Positive thinking.

There is currently a large field of research to show that positive thinking and emotional basis have beneficial effects. For example, surveys involving women with breast cancer have shown that those who participate in psychological support groups have higher survival rates than those who are not involved. Other body and mind attachment techniques have also produced positive results. Acupuncture also helps reduce nausea and vomiting and generally control pain in chemo-treatments.

Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society reports the following cancer treatments as important aids to classic medical treatment. Primarily reduce pain and improve the lives of cancer patients.

  • Aromatherapy.
  • Μassage therapy.
  • Μeditation.
  • Music therapy.
  • Prayer.
  • Yoga.

The nurses and social workers of the hospital find therapists or at least recommend books etc that inform these therapies or techniques. However, not every alternative treatment is useful for cancer. If alternative treatment used, do the following questions. If the answer to any of these is yes, think about other cancer treatments.

  • Can not find published studies in recognized journals about the effectiveness of the method?
  • Does therapy promise healing?
  • Have doctors told you not to use such treatments?
  • Is this the “secret” medicine that only alternative therapists offer?

Some points of 4 best alternative cancer treatments.

It is not good for sufferers to abandon classical Western methods of medicine to fight cancer. In the future, medical studies can show that the 4 best alternative cancer treatments fight cancer. In some cases, alternative therapies may be dangerous. Compositions and supplements that cause complications during surgery. Inform the surgeon’s doctor about any herbal remedies in case of colon surgery. A published study in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) showed that several common herbs are responsible for complications during surgery. For example, bleeding from garlic, abnormal heart rhythms due to ephedrine and low blood sugar. In addition, the Valerian plant may affect anesthetic drugs by increasing their activity.

The 4 best alternative cancer treatments:

No 1 – The Revici method.

Doctor Emanuel Revici believed that conditions like cancer were caused by disturbances of chemical balance in the human body. He developed this treatment several decades ago. According to this theory, regulating the balance could cure cancer. But in 1965, when several important scientists analyzed the technique, the results were negative for the cancer cells’ decline. In 1993, the Medical Association of New York suspended Dr. Revici’s license. Although today he has died, his treatment remains widely known and refers to books and the internet.

No 2 – Calculation of biological substrate ΒΤΑ.

Similar to the previous method, this method uses dietary supplements to regulate the chemical imbalances that are supposed to cause cancer. There is no scientific evidence that this method has effects against cancer.

No 3 – Shark extract.

Dietary supplements containing shark extract are proposed as cancer therapies based on the observation that sharks do not get cancer. Supporters of this theory rely on a study by the Medical School of the University of Harvard. The results of this study showed that an extract-based protein inhibits the creation of vessels in the human body. (Τhe development of small vessels that supply blood to the tumor). However, the amounts of active ingredients in commercially available extracts are too much for absorption in human blood. In addition, marine biologists have found indications that sharks do not get cancer. Sea scientists also warn that commercial use of shark extract leads to a large scale shark population decline. National Institutes of Health investigating the effectiveness of the shark extract.

No 4 – Vitamin C.

Vitamin C, the last method of the 4 best alternative cancer treatments. Several anti-cancer regimes that took place over the past few years are based on high doses of vitamins. However, new research reports that cancer patients receiving high doses of antioxidant vitamins exacerbate the disease by protecting the tumor from the effects of chemotherapy and irradiation. This warning is based on the observation that cancer cells, in fact, contain large amounts of vitamin C. In this way the vitamin protects cells from destruction by oxygen, otherwise oxidation. Some anticancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, act by activating oxidation in cell genes. Doctors and supplemental therapy specialists now report that none of the high dose supplements have been found to cure cancer or prevent relapses. However, using a classic multivitamin supplement as part of a generally healthy diet and lifestyle is a sensible choice.


It is important not to abandon classical medical treatment in the hope that alternative treatment can offer to heal.