Oxygen : The Key To A Healthy Organism

Oxygen : The Key To A Healthy Organism


Medical properties oxygen. The human body consists of 70 %- 80 % of water, most of which (89 %) is oxygen. Man’s biological energy stems from this structural element, thanks to which the agency remains alive and in good condition. A man can survive weeks without food, several days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen. Its fundamental role in maintaining life has led many scientists to study the oxygen itself, as well as the relationship that its lack of disease may have, but also its possible use of health recovery.

Studies & Medical properties oxygen

The conclusion resulting from all studies is that the primary cause of most diseases is linked with its inadequate presence. The strengthening of the agency with extra oxygen creates favorable conditions for Prevention or control of pathogenicity. (Madison Cavanaugh, the one-minute cure: the secret to the healing). One of the most important discoveries of oxygen power in the healing process carried out in 1931.

Otto Warburg

Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, when he proved that viruses cannot survive and grow in environments rich in oxygen. In addition, Warburg through his experiments found that oxygen removal from the cell by 35 %, turns it into cancer. The basic cause of cancer is insufficient oxygenation of cells, and that, if we reverse this given, cancer could be defeated.


Almost all toxins and bacteria neutralised in oxygen-rich environments. Otto Warburg, prime cause and prevention of cancer… some of the treatments developed with a central view of the above finding were called “Oxidative” because on the one hand, they cause oxidation of infected cell micro-organisms and, on the other hand, shield healthy cells oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen

Τhe cutting-edge technology in modern therapies.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen is the inhalation of 100% oxygen at elevated pressure, (an atmospheric pressure greater than one atmosphere.) It is carried out within a decompression chamber. By inhalation of oxygen in a hyperbaric environment, oxygen dissolves in the blood up to 20 times as much and so the body can transport more oxygen to areas with impaired perfusion. Areas that have edema, inflammation, and vascular problems. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the effect of treatment is optimized, limiting the extent of the lesion and accelerating healing and healing. This treatment is applied to a variety of pathology and surgery disorders in over 7,500 hyperbaric centers around the world.

Therapies Of Medical Properties Oxygen.

Therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen.

Orthopedic incidents – Regenerative orthopedic – Athletic injuries.

  • Acute therapeutic agent in chronic recurrent osteomyelitis, tendinitis, etc.
  • 90% restoration to fracture rupture, bone edema, aseptic bone death of I and II.
  • Osteoarthritis (combination with stem cells, growth factors, etc.)
  • Compartment syndrome.
  • Crush syndrome.
  • Accelerated post-operative recovery of meniscus, cartilage, tendon by 60%.
  • Reduction of sports injury recovery time by 55% in sprains, ligament injuries, muscle spasms.


  • Improving sports performance.
  • Prevention of injuries (optimization of rehabilitation between workouts).

Radiation damage to neoplastic diseases.

It is the only remedy that restores the above lesions and applies to:

  • Metastatic head, neck and laryngeal disorders.
  • Transcutaneous colitis – proctitis.
  • Hemorrhagic Cystitis.
  • Metastinal spinal cord disorders.

Diabetic foot – Venous ulcers – Wound healing disorder.

  • 92% healing in diabetic wounds, venous stasis ulcers and wounds that do not heal and avoid amputation, despite the initial prediction.

Significant additional reduction in limb amputation rate:

  • By 65% in occlusion – limb vessel thrombosis.
  • By 80% in cases of compartment syndrome and crush.

Medical Properties Oxygen Neurological incidents.

1. Highest recovery rates in neurologic residual lesions after:

  • Ischemic stroke, ischemic spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory and degenerative lesions of the brain and spinal cord.

2. Prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

3. Absolute indication with high rates of recovery of acute nerve (Bell’s palsy) and other single or polyneuropathy.

4. The highest rate in international literature to improve the clinical picture in autism (55% – 60%).

Otorhinolaryngological cases.

  • 97% of full hearing recovery in cases of acute neurosensory hearing loss / hearing impairment and acoustic injury.
  • Absolute indication with high rates of vision restoration in cases of obstructive angiopathies.


  • Decrease length of hospitalization and avoid complications.
  • Reduce the possibility of scarring.
  • The extent and thickness of plastic restoration in heavier incidents is reduced.

Occasions of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Ensuring the viability and successful healing of grafts.
  • Rehabilitation acceleration after aesthetic plastic surgery.
  • Preventing early aging.
  • Promoting wellness and applications of cosmetics.
  • Unique therapeutic approach that ensures collagen production and the creation of new vessels.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  1. Ensuring tissue oxygenation.
  2. Creating new vases.
  3. Creation of collagen and bone.
  4. Strong anti-inflammatory action.
  5. Reducing edema in the tissues.
  6. Antimicrobial activity.
  7. 8 times more stimulation of stem cell proliferation.
  8. Ensuring the necessary energy of the cells.

Medical Properties Oxygen Innovative therapeutic protocols.