Network marketing psychology.

Network marketing psychology.

Online and Offline Network Marketing Success.

Network marketing success 3 words and 1 concept with endless analyzes and thoughts. What exactly is what almost everyone has heard? As your first thought, it goes through the minds of some companies that have discovered a new model of entrepreneurship. Some people think that it’s ghost companies based on pyramid systems. While there are those who are telling you “slowly, let me not deal with them now!” It plays a major role in what you hear from WHO you hear it, and if the one who told you has understood the meaning of network marketing success. Also, if you hear it from someone else and you have been transferred this model of work in the wrong way. We all know that word-of-mouth information is misplaced most of the time.

Distrust due to faulty handling and promotion.

When people hear something for the first time in their life, they hold a defense stand, the word of the unknown. This is a primordial feature of the people who are in our DNA. It is a reaction that happens by itself without wanting to provoke it. So everything we hear for the first time is suspicious, especially if it’s network marketing.  If information at the beginning of the birth is misplaced, then it will continue indefinitely to be misdirected. This creates more suspicion on something that we have not understood.

What is Network marketing?

What everybody who wants to deal with this entrepreneurship model should understand is some basic facts. First you have to choose which company he likes and which company he expresses the most. To choose something, he prefers to have heard first. Because if he has not already heard he will have the wrong opinion if he hears it from third parties. Here, you do not build your business from obligation to anyone, meaning who introduced you the idea.  In network marketing you build your business after you have believed in the idea and especially in yourself. The commitment to succeed and develop your own shop is entirely up to you. No one puts his nice money to please someone else. This applies to all small or medium sized businesses.

Human communication.

In network marketing success rate you find in human communication and how much you can influence others. This may sound a little bit but it is the truth. This feature either has it or you get it!

Network Marketing Companies.

There are 3 main models of companies active in this business.

1. Consumer Products.

Usually we have companies that invest in the beauty & nutrition industry. Here the ambassadors of the respective company have a commission from personal consumption, but also from the general turnover of their team. Our team is our business partners and customers. Each of our team may also have his own separate team. The larger our team, the more commissions we have in our wallet. The main thing is to have a big turnover either from wholesale (from our team partners) or from retail (from our customers and consumers without necessarily being co-workers).

2. Services.

In this model and kind we do not gain from the consumption of products. Here is usually a payment for some kind of subscription service. It has to do with what the company offers. Usually for such a plan the job includes advertising service. For example, payments may be periodic per month, quarter, or 12 month, etc. to qualify for active membership. The bonus is received by the new partners who will also pay them in turn. So the company pays a percentage for the new partners who will register from our recommendation. There are also rates for customers interested in advertising their own companies as B2B.

3. Hybrid Plan.

As you all have understood in this business model, we have at the same time the two previous examples of network marketing. The commissions we get are both consumption and service. Here we do not have many companies, they are fewer than products and services companies.

Specifications for success.

To have the right foundation in network marketing success and build your business successfully, you should have some specifications. You should also see and study and listen to some who have already built their own company with success. You can see who is the supporters of network marketing globally and not trust someone who has done nothing in that kind of  job. Typically we mention Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook owner, the world’s largest network), one of the richest people on the planet. But what are the features we mentioned just before?

  • Faith to yourself.
  • Target and why should I do this?
  • Commit to yourself.
  • Methodical work.
  • Excitement.
  • Action.

The difference between “I want” and “I need”.

The first thing after you start building your business is “I want”. If you do not want, you do not start a business. The more “I want” more information and knowledge you are pumping. But these games of mind are enough to start opening our stores, which of course can be around the world? The phrase “I want” you need it in the beginning… Not only that, however. The “I want” belongs to the dream. All people have dreams. If you have no dreams then others have stolen them and you have been compromised in a state of inertia. In this situation, you are not in control of your mind but others, and you are led into a depressed state. In this situation, you can not think of entrepreneurship.

“I need.”

Only if you are ready to go to “I need” you are going through the stage of action, and therefore at the stage of success in digital marketing success. If you do not get the situation in your own hands you can not achieve your goals and dreams. In short, success in this industry is the psychological sector and the games that make our mind.

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