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Verway is a blog about health & beauty, organic products, self moltivation, Medical articles, and easy recipes.

The company cultivates and manufactures health and beauty products from proprietary areas with organic aloe. It made its global official launch in November 2017 in Austria and Germany. Verway’s founder: Ilhan Dogan.

Quality products, design of high aesthetics of product packaging, and value for money make the company unique.

verwayVerway is the top quality brand of lifestyle. Strength and vitality. Verway’s quality products are of high quality and excellence, based on organic Aloe Vera.

Verway is refreshed.

Verway keeps up its own aloe plant in southern Spain. This guarantees the most noteworthy crude material of the items consistently.

Harvest: 6.5 million kilos a year. 800,000 plants, Verway is the largest in Europe! Verway collects exclusively naturally mature Aloe Vera (aged 3-4), as only it contains 100% of their valuable properties. Fully stored sun, vitality and moisture make the plant a powerful cluster of active ingredients for the skin and body.

The natural development of aloe entirely controlled. All Verway aloe items convey the EU natural logo. Created as per the EU Organic Farming Regulation. They meet the exclusive requirements of free foundations and testing organizations.

A Few Words About Aloe Vera.

The gift of nature for our health. “Four are the basic ingredients for human health, cereal, grape, olive and aloe. The first is nourishing, the second nourishes the spirit, the third gives harmony, and the fourth heals.” Cristoforo Colombo 1451-1506.


These ingredients also know the people who live in a Greek island. On this island the inhabitants live more than 100 years. The love of the island people for aloe is given as it is used internally and externally in their bodies. The combination of both is one of the great secrets of longevity. This is also evident from the long life expectancy on this particular island. There have been many research and studies on the way of life of the Ikarians and their preference for aloe.

One of the everyday uses that Ikarians make in their lives is the use of Aloe as a bio cleaner.


The miracle plant causes many surprises and has become one of the most important objects of study. From antiquity to the present day, from various scientific research centers and universities. At first glance it reminds of cactus but it is not.

It belongs to the family of the Lylides, in the same family as garlic and onion. There are more than 300 varieties of aloe, but few are therapeutics. Aloe Barbadensis Miller found to contain most of the vital ingredients. So they can be absorbed as a whole by the human and animal organism. The name Aloe Vera was given to this plant in 1720 by Carl Von Linne. Recorded, the healing properties of Aloe since ancient times are found in hundreds of rocks, frescoes, papyri and books.

Aloe Vera.

Aloe is not a sudden discovery of the modern world. The first recordings of its presence still preserved until today, begin at 2500 BC. From the Sumerians who used it widely for relaxation throughout the body to treat wounds and skin problems. The Sumerians have noticed how aloe itself closes its wounds within a matter of hours. Perhaps he could do the same and he did.

Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great twice cured of aloe juice. From an infection when you drank aloe and from an arrow injury where the wound healed within a few days after continuous spraying with aloe oil. Aristotle’s teacher strangely possessed unique knowledge of aloe, urged Alexander to occupy the island of Socotra, south of Yemen where aloe is native in huge quantities.

Ancient times.

In ancient times, Socotra called Dioskouridis island because of a Greek herbalist Dioskouridis. Dioskouridis in the Books of “Medicine” reports about aloe. It detoxifies the stomach, helps ulcer, itching, skin irritations, hemorrhoids, strokes and bruises. It stops hair loss, stomach pains, wound hemorrhage, mouth and eye disease, and tonsillitis. The above cases have now been verified scientifically.

Aloe Vera history part II.

Aloe Vera helped sailors heal the sunburns from the infinite hours of work on the boat. Christopher Columbus, carried aloe pots to his ships, which he called “the doctor in the pot”. Hundreds of historical personalities knew and used the healing powers of Aloe. Nefertiti, the mother of Pharaoh Tutonakamon, Queen Cleopatra, the natural Celsius, the pathologist Pliny, Hippocrates, King Solomonas quoted it four times, the Arab philosopher and physicist Al Kindi, the Indian philosopher Gandhi, the Josephine, the Napoleon etc.

Verway products of Aloe Vera

All products containing Verway aloe vera are unique. Cleaning products, gourmet products, face & body creams and serums. High quality dietary supplements. Recipes with Verway organic aloe vera.

Verway Crypto Mining and ATM investing.

Verway offers mining packages for digital currencies. The digital currencies are based on the Blockchain technique. Digital coins have arrived in broad society in 2017 and there are countless mining products.

Verway provides the finished hardware and takes care of the entire process, of the hardware miner. In return, the customer pays a fee for the corresponding mining offer. This saves a lot of investment in the expensive hardware and benefits from Verway’s know-how in mining.

Experience Verway Crypto.

With the many opaque offers on the market, one has to say that the team around Ilhan Dogan has thought. As an expert on crypto, countless graphics cards and Asic Miners were purchased and put into operation. Whether mining is worthwhile for the individual in the long term depends on many factors. The advancement just as the states of the separate bundle must checked cautiously and it must chosen whether it very well may be rewarding.

Offer for Mining & ATM’S

The investment in the mining or the ATM coin, or even better in both, has a 90% return on the value of the investment in an Euca coin (Euca = the new Verway encryption that will start early 2019 with about 7 cents per coin).

Example: investing € 1000 in mining or at ATM, gift 900€ to Euca.
The offer is huge. With the € 1,000 investment, you have the miners who make life-long mining. 12850 Euca. Simply mathematically, as soon as the Euca price reaches € 1, then you have € 12850 in encryption directly available for transactions. What will happen when the price reaches € 10 ?, You will have € 128,500 having invested only € 1,000.
The concept is incredible !!!

Verway best posts.


12 Instant Face Lift Serums

Instant Face Lift Cream

Instant Face Lift Cream

Instant Face Lift Cream for Immediate Lifting.

Instant face lift cream immediate result in just a few minutes. Ideal for tightening, restoring elasticity, reducing relaxation, strengthening the connective tissue and wrinkling. Apply directly to a clean face. Apply all over the face with gentle, straight finger movements from the center to the outside, without massage and friction. The maximum duration of the action of the cream is about 8 hours. After the time the skin comes in its original form without any change. So all these creams are absolutely safe. Note that all creams do not have Parabens and other ingredients that can damage or deform the face. The expert direct consequence of instant face lift cream is an inventive item in the field of against maturing care with a half breed which can in almost no time enormously enhance the presence of wrinkles, scarcely discernible differences and pigmentation lifting innovation issues.

Most manufacturers of these creams use the following ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Green tea.
  • Vitamin C.
  • 24K Pure Gold
  • Collagen.
  • Retinol.
  • Cucumis.
  • Argireline.
  • Omega-3.
  • Sesame.
  • Allantoin.

Powerful for front wrinkles, glaring lines, eye wrinkles, eye sacks, wrinkles on the cheeks, rhinoceros folds, lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles. In just a few minutes you appear to be more youthful for quite a long time.

3 Helpful Tips About Crow’s Feet.

Crow’s Feet appear around the corners of the eyes. They can be reduced by some potent Instant Face Lift Serums.

1. Breakdown of Collagen and Elastin.

Wrinkles around the eye (crow’s feet) are the aftereffect of Collagen and Elastin breakdown in the body. These two essential components are the protein-rich associating tissues that give quality and flexible help to the skin. Some other contributing elements to separating of Elastin and collagen amalgamation are maturing, infiltrating and harming intensity of bright beams, smoking, liquor, and the distinction in hereditary outlines.

2. Smoking Cigarettes.

On the off chance that you smoke, you definitely realize that you need to stop. There are a huge number of poisonous synthetic substances in the tobacco smoke that debilitates the typical skin cell exercises. For instance, nicotine limits the vein that provisions the external skin with oxygen, blood, and basic supplements. This condition makes the skin less stout, saturated and hydrated. The outcome is wrinkle (crow’s feet) around the eye area.

3. Bright Radiation.

Bright beams radiated by the daylight is additionally a hazard factor. How? There are two sorts of bright radiation that makes harm human skin cells. They are the UV-An and UV-B. UV-B can cause sunburn and increment the likeliness of malignancy while UV-An is in charge of Photo-aging, and all the more unequivocally, wrinkles development. Ultra beams infiltrate further into the second layer of the skin—dermis and debilitate or decimate the creation of collagen.

Application Guidelines Instant Face Lift Cream

The basis of all the therapies for instant face lift cream is a cleaned face with no fat. To achieve optimal direct lifting result, do not use cheap additional creams.

Local Treatment of wrinkles

  1. Push a small amount of the face lift cream into the back of the hand. Apply it locally to the wrinkle with the brush. Apply the serum with fingers or with the brush.

  2. Get the best result and do not apply too much to avoid white residues. In general, the less is enough.

  3. After 1-2 tests, you’ve found the ideal “quantity” for your skin.

  4. Edges or transitions should be well diluted with no white residue.

  5. It is always important to work with the brush from the inside out. Imagine how a Face-lift is performed during a medical intervention. And here, the skin is pulled sideways.

  6. Properly use, within about 1-3 minutes the wrinkle significantly reduced.

  7. Better results for drying with a fan.

  8. It is important during treatment to avoid any facial expressions.

Additional Effects With Q-Tip

  1. If you want to achieve an even stronger local effect, use the gel (eg. in the wrinkles of the lips) with a Q-tip on the skin. After that, even lips will often appear larger.

ALS SERUM: Through the face (without makeup application)

  1. Fully hydrate the face with tap water or facial sprays. We recommend Aloe Vera Spray.

  2. You can pump the serum (about 2-3 pump strokes) from the syringe to the two edges of one hand and distribute this amount over the wet face.

  3. Use it as a serum, it completely around the eyes, spread all over the face and neck and allow it to dry.

  4. Again, “drying” with the fan speeds up the drying process.

  5. The appearance of the skin improves evenly after application and the wrinkles and bags under the eyes decrease significantly without the feeling of being too tight (something that can happen if you use the serum as All Over Face Serum, which is also possible!

ALS SERUM: All Face Plus Make Up

  1. Again, fully hydrate the face and immediately fully apply the instant face lift cream as described in the previous example. Apply the Make Up liquid when the gel is not yet absorbed and wet. Apply as soon as possible – and lightly press on the skin, do not rub too much.

  2. If you wait a lot of time with the application, the liquid make up can not spread well. It is dull and possibly stained. It is also possible to immediately mix and apply serum and liquid makeup. Use both products consecutively, as instant face lift cream can then be applied more specifically to problematic areas.

  3. Processing the wet face previously moistened with instant face lift cream and makeup within 2-3 minutes after the drying process, a full refresh effect is triggered. (Direct Lifting is always optimal without additional moisturizing / make-up products, etc.)

  4. An extra positive effect – make-up lasts far longer than without the instant face lift cream.

  5. The optimal is also, instead of a makeup, a makeup powder that matches your skin type as a makeup replacement. This can then be applied again, of course only when the serum is well absorbed! Not apply dust to wet skin!

IF YOU TAKE THE APPLICATION TIPS, you will be excited about the result.

We have searched the world market and give you a table that includes the best 12 instant face lift cream products of various companies.

Instant Face Lift Cream Products

Company NamePrice in US DollarsQuantity in mlAction Time in min.
1| Athena 7 Minute Lift

instant face lift cream
| 65| 15| 7
2| Beauty Cosmetics - 24K Instant Face Lift

instant face lift cream
| 895| 15| 1
3| Cosmetic-co - Face Define

instant face lift cream
| 69| 30| 3
4| Epilift SkinCare - Instant FaceLift

instant face lift cream
| 69,95| 15| 2
5| Erase Cosmetics - Instant FaceLift

instant face lift cream
| 99| 30| 3
6| Forever Flawless - Diamond Infused Instant Face Lifting Cream

instant face lift cream
| 1499| 30| 1
7| Perfect Export Canada - 60 Second Instant Face Lift Cream

instant face lift cream
| 89,88| 50| 1
8| Platinum Skin Care - Lucky Potion No 9

instant face lift cream
| 46| 30| 2
9| Potent Lift - Natural Instant Rejuvenation

instant face lift cream
| 49,95| 50| 1
10| Prolift MD - Instant FaceLift Serum

instant face lift cream
| 79,99| 150| 3
11| Skin Doctors - Instant FaceLift 30ml

instant face lift cream
| 44,95| 30| 5
12| Zobela - Instant FaceLift Cream

instant face lift cream
| 130,79| 15| 1

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